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Top Benefits of Working in the Medical Industry

Every day, more and more people decide to pursue careers in the medical field. Whether you are currently in school, recently graduated, or just considering a new job path, you can rest assured that you are not alone in your journey into the healthcare industry. That's because this career path can be extremely rewarding and beneficial in a variety of ways.

First of all, it's safe to say that everyone dreams of having a job that, cliché as it may seem, truly allows them to make a difference in the world. If you ever thought that you'd like to have a job that touched people's lives, healthcare is the perfect industry to make that possible. This is one of the few careers that give you the opportunity to save lives on a daily basis. And you don't have to be a surgeon or registered nurse to impact lives. You could be in charge of a clinical trial that develops a cure for a disease, or you could design breakthrough medical equipment that paves the way for new operations, affecting not just one person, but humanity as a whole.

Another good thing about the medical industry is that there is a seemingly endless list of job possibilities that range across all levels of education. No matter if you obtain a medical degree, have a four-year degree, an associate's degree, or a high school equivalent, there are plenty of job opportunities for you in healthcare. Doctors and surgeons have a multitude of specialties to choose from, such as orthopedics, pediatrics, cardiology, and psychiatry. People with lower-level degrees have a wide array of options, too, including jobs like dieticians, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, opticians, medical assistants, and so many more.

Regardless of your education level, you'll find that jobs in healthcare come with the potential for earning high salaries. Usually, the higher your education and skill level, the higher your salary will be, although there could always be exceptions to this. Considering how expensive college is these days, it's important to find a job that will pay off any school loans and make that financial commitment worthwhile. Working in the medical industry could be the perfect solution.

Let's not neglect the fact that working in the medical industry will be exciting and surely keep you on your toes. The majority of our lives are spent as working adults, so no one wants to go to work every day to a job they dislike or that doesn't provide any challenges or excitement. Hospitals and other medical facilities are fast paced, and you will be seeing new patients every day. Also, the medical industry is one that is always changing as new technologies are brought in to the field on a regular basis, changing the way things are done. There's a reason that so many popular television shows are based on working in the medical field: it's never boring.

And finally, another one of the most important benefits to working in healthcare is job growth. This is an industry that is constantly growing and is never going to become obsolete, which means it can provide you with job stability. In other fields, people are constantly worried about downsizing and losing their jobs. In healthcare, however, you can feel confident that there will always be a demand for your skills. Additionally, technological advances that are constantly being made to the industry open up doors for new job opportunities to be created, which can allow for exciting new endeavors down the road.


Here Are 5 Key Network Marketing Review Considerations

It's time now for a review of the network marketing industry.

There has been a lot of talk lately about network marketing so let's shed some light on the topic. Millions of people these days are starting a home based business in response to a still tight job market. There are many business models available when starting a work from home business, MLM seems to be by far the most popular.

So the time has come for an unbiased network marketing review.

If this describes you, if you're looking to start a network marketing business of your own, then please take a moment to consider the following 5 key points:

Modest initial investment - no question, when you have a business start up, an initial investment must be made. Additionally, all businesses require an ongoing reinvestment of capital. A consideration of the required business start up capital is an important part of any network marketing review. Starting a network marketing business typically offers a low barrier of entry, that is, a low initial investment with moderate reinvestment requirements.

Availability of assistance - because the network marketing industry is so prolific, there is a ton of great information out there about how to build a successful MLM business. Of course, not all of the information you'll come across is worthwhile. But, as long as it's coming from a trustworthy source then chances are good it's advice worth following. So be selective about your sources.

Variety - there is a growing number of companies today who distribute their products under the network marketing model. Where ever your interests lie, chances are good you'll be able to represent a company who has a product line you'd like to represent.

Acceptance - not too long ago network marketing was somewhat frowned upon. Not everybody is warmed up to the idea of network marketing but it does get a great deal more respect today. Even renowned author Robert Kiyosaki and former president Bill Clinton have both given a positive network marketing review. Everybody from the stay at home mom to doctors and attorneys are now in the MLM industry. The appeal of network marketing as a work from home business has garnered great momentum over the past few years.

You call the shots - what would you like to derive from your network marketing business? Do you want to supplement your existing income or perhaps you're looking to ? The MLM industry provides a flexibility that very few other home based business models can offer.

No network marketing review would be complete without a discussion of the real business aspects of the industry.

An objective network marketing review will stress that it is a serious business. Or, to put it more accurately, network marketing will only be as serious a business as you make of it. Simply put; you will get from your business in direct proportion to what you put into it.

Strong efforts will always bring about strong results and weak efforts will always bring about weak results. Any network marketing review is incomplete if you fail to really get this point.

If you have aspirations of building a successful MLM business then be prepared to give it your honest, 100% effort. Presistence is key. Even though there are some terrific network marketing training materials on the market, do not expect to become an expert overnight.

To put it another way, you've got to stay with your business building efforts . You can be certain that the going will be tough at times mostly when starting out.


Pharmacy Automation is a Big Step but One Worth Considering.

It is important to carefully consider the expected benefits when contemplating the step toward pharmacy automation, . Because of the considerable investment of effort and time, it is wise to prioritize and plan the steps according to the greatest potential benefit and needs.

One key benefit is the reduced risk of costly and dangerous errors in filling prescriptions. Electronic records can be cross checked and quickly searched to accurately match the patient records and the prescribed medications.

A well designed system can help the pharmacist ensure that the prescription is filled exactly as the doctor intended. It can also help to identify possible interactions with other medications the patient may already be taking.

By automatically keeping track of inventory, electronic records can help the pharmacy realize cost savings from increased efficiency. The system can determine how soon a particular inventory item will be depleted, the next shipment can be ordered no sooner than necessary, but in time to avoid running completely out. This helps to optimize cash flow without endangering the ability of the pharmacy to fill prescriptions as needed by customers.

Another benefit of automation is improved efficiency and speed in all areas of pharmacy operation. This increased efficiency may enable the pharmacy to run properly with fewer staff hours, cutting down on the expect of payroll dollars and to pay for overtime expenses.

Improvement of service and a lower waiting time can improve customer relations and increase how many customers come back to you for more business. The days are gone when customers will put up with being told to come back in an hour or longer to pick up their medications.

Busy customers must be able to complete the transaction on the spot so they can be on their way. Other improvements that customers like are being able to use an automated Internet or telephone ordering system so that their prescriptions will be ready to pick up without waiting and when the customer needs them.

Pharmacy management is a operation with many facets, involving customers, prescribing medical experts, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. Each of these roles has apart to play in implementing a pharmacy automation plan. Benefits of a well planned implementation can be observed at every stage of the process.


Understanding Immunoassays for Dummies

Immunoassay is a test in biochemistry that measures a specific concentration of a substance within a biological liquid. This means that an immunoassay test can be conducted on blood, serum or urine to measure the concentration of a substance that is found in that liquid sample.

The immunoassay test uses a specific antibody in order to test the concentration of the substance within the sample. The antibodies react with an antigen to show the results of the test. The most common antibody used in the immunoassay test is the Monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies have the capability to bind to one site of any particular molecule and are the best way to provide an accurate test result.

The specific type of antibody must have a high affinity to the antigen that is being tested for; otherwise the antibody may not bind to the antigen to get an accurate test result. What is measured to discover the test result is the number or antigen and antibodies present in the liquid being tested. This measurement tells the biochemist how much of the substance being tested for is located within the sample and how concentrated it is.

So what is the immunoassay test good for? This test has been playing a very important role in the diagnosis of HIV and AIDS. The HIV test that anyone can go to the doctor to get is an immunoassay test that measures the concentration of the virus within the sample liquid, often blood or urine. This also helps to determine at what stage the HIV is present in the body. This test helps scientists for many other diseases as well.

There are two different types of immunoassay tests. The first one is the competitive immunoassay test. This test allows the unknown sample to compete with the antigen so that the antigen binds with antibodies in the sample. The ratio of antigen to antibody is measured. This will give the concentration of the substance being tested for within the sample.

The other type of immunoassay test is the noncompetitive immunoassay test. This is also referred to as a "sandwich assay" because the antigen in the sample in bound to an antibody site, then the antibody binds to the antigen. This test is measured with the amount of antibody in the sample. This method is proportional to the concentration of the antigen, and not the ratio of antigen to antibody. This test is used to test for a known substance. If the antigen and antibody do not bind, then the test is negative. This is a faster and easier method to use when testing for substances in the sample.

Immunoassays are very important tests that perform a variety of functions in everyday medicine. While they are used primarily to test for things such as HIV in the body, the tests are also an important step in discovering the next new way to test for other diseases and conditions that science does not have a test for yet.


Residential House Cleaning Business - 4 Ways to Attract New Customers

If you own a residential house cleaning service, then you are probably always looking for ways to attract new clients. By having a full schedule of regular clients, you are ensuring that you are profitable and with even more clients, you can begin to expand your business for even greater profits.

* Choose a Target Demographic

When you are advertising a residential cleaning business, you may feel that it is important to advertise to everyone! This is true, and if you run print advertisements in a local paper, then you are advertising to a wide group of prospective customers. Although you may consider working on marketing campaigns that target a specific group of people.

For example, if your best customers are pet owners, then you may consider creating fliers and advertisements just for that group and displaying the ads in places where that specific demographic is located. Your fliers can target problems that plague pet owners, like pet hair on furniture or pet odors in carpet, and show how your cleaning services can help to reduce their pet-related cleaning problems. The fliers can be placed in local pet stores, at dog parks, and, perhaps, you can make a deal with a pet grooming company to give one another leads. The more targeted approach allows you to hone in a specific customers and their special cleaning needs.

* Offer Discounts and Coupons During the Slow Season

Every type of business has their slow season. Is your slow season right after the holidays? Or maybe during summer when a lot of families are traveling and away from home? When you know when your slow season occurs, then you can plan ahead and offer special discounts. For instance, you can have a New Years Special of buy one cleaning service now and get your next cleaning visit half off, that can be used at any time. Offering specials that target your slow season may help to give you enough work to keep you busy and it may also attract some new customers.

* Offer Coupons in Print Advertisement

If you spend money on print advertisements in a local paper, then you should think about offering a coupon for new customers, on the condition that they mention the advertisement. Keeping track of which advertisements are worth paying for is essential for your business, and the discount for new customers can entice readers who are considering a cleaning service.

* Offer Discounts to Current Customers

Your current customers are a great source of referrals. And if you have been doing a great job, then they should not hesitate to give their friends a referral for your cleaning services. Every quarter or around every holiday, you should consider leaving a flier with your current customers to offer them a discount if they refer you to a new customer, even if that customer only uses your services once. The reminder every now and then of your standing offer to your current clients can keep you fresh in their thoughts if a friend or relative is ever looking for a new house cleaning service. Also, if you send holiday cards to your customers, this can also be a good time to remind them of discounts offered for referring new clients.


Know More About Abrasive Blasting

For decades abrasive blasting has been used in the manufacturing industry. Almost all metal work requires a clean surface to work on. Rough surface or any contaminants on the surface is trouble for any manufacturer. Thanks to the effective process of abrasive blasting, any type of paint, oil, rust and other debris can be easily removed to get a clean surface.

The use of abrasive blasting is not limited to removing dust and other common debris. It is also used to remove harmful materials like radioactive materials, asbestos, lead, zinc and other hazardous materials.

The process of abrasive blasting involves propelling of abrasive material under high pressure to get a smooth surface. Usually a centrifugal wheel is used to blast the material. There are many different types of blasting processes; wet blasting, bead blasting, bristle blasting, dry ice blasting, wheel blasting, sand blasting, shot blasting and soda blasting.

The huge industrial abrasive blast equipment is used by large scale manufacturing units while there is a smaller version the equipment called portable blast system. These are fuelled by a mixture of diesel and compressed air. The portable blast system has a blast pot just like its larger version that can sustain high pressure.

Workers who work with abrasive blasting equipment and dust collectors have to wear appropriate protective gears like work goggles, protective suit, work gloves and shoes. The abrasive blasting systems are noisy equipment so, workers should also use ear buds for the protection from ear damage caused due to excess exposure to sound.

The dry abrasive blasters produce a lot of dust as a waste product. If any toxic material is involved in the process then there are high chances of the worker breathing in chemicals that if inhaled may cause lungs illness or/and permanent damage. Ensure that industrial dust collectors are installed to keep the air free from toxic material. The dust collector system should be installed on the ground and not suspended in air to prevent static discharge which may trigger potential fire.

The best thing about abrasive blasting is that it does not use any chemicals. By using the combination of air or water and natural substances like sand or glass manufacturers can get clean and smooth metal surface to work on. This is an environment friendly process that helps us to make the planet a greener place to live in. Furthermore, it is a very cost effective method to get the work done in a very short span of time with amazing finish.


How Clean Is Your Restaurant

Eating out is a very popular past time. It's so much more than feeding a need. It is a whole social occasion where people expect top quality food, served with excellent presentation and in comfortable surroundings with a certain ambience. None of these things can come together without a great deal of organising and precision planning. It's no understatement that working in a kitchen is a job where you come under extreme pressure to stay on top of your game.

Most of us will have some inkling as to the workings of a professional kitchen. We know that preparation works starts early in the morning and that many kitchens don't actually shut until late at night. The thought that chefs rarely have a social life is actually quite true.

So when, among all this, do the kitchen staff get chance to clean to the standards that the health and hygiene authorities expect? Spot checks are made into the standards of all kitchens where the public eat from and a lack of a certain standard of cleanliness can mean the immediate shutting down of a kitchen and the loss of a great deal of business. How can this be avoided?

Many kitchen owners will call in the services of a professional cleaning company. Specialised industrial cleaning will be scheduled around the activities and business of the kitchen and a thorough deep clean is possible in a relatively short space of time, given that the cleaning staff have all the necessary tools to make the job so much easier.

The use of steam in industrial cleaning is effective, hygienic and quick. There is no residue of chemicals left behind which is important in a kitchen. On top of that steam is ultimately the best method of removing a build up of grease. Grease is notoriously difficult to shift and to leave it to build up too much means the kitchen extraction system is much less efficient. This then leads to cooking smells lingering and even making their way from kitchen to restaurant and nobody eating their double chocolate sundae wants to smell the fish being cooked for the next table along.

As well as reducing efficiency, a build up of grease can be dangerous. In the unfortunate event of a fire, this would be spread at a dangerous rate through any grease and this is one of the things health and hygiene inspectors would look at. Industrial cleaning is a great deal more effective than what the kitchen staff could manage with a bottle of cleaner and a kitchen sponge at two in the morning.

There is often a system of ventilation ducts within a kitchen and the bigger the establishment, the bigger the system. It is important that these are also kept as clean as possible to keep the whole system working to the best of its ability. This is not something that a busy kitchen staff can give thought to and this is where industrial cleaning comes in handy.

Industrial cleaning by a specialised company can be carried out once or twice a year with minimal inconvenience to the business. They can choose to close for one day, use a day when they would normally be shut, if at all, or if the kitchen is of a reasonable size then the cleaning can be done overnight.

Of course, these services come at a cost but it is relative compared to how much more efficiently the kitchen will run and how the health and hygiene officials will always be happy, meaning that the business does not suffer any enforced closing days or the possibility of being shut down.


China Power Tool Industry Overview Report 2016 - Acute Market Reports

China Power Tool Industry Report 2013-2016 (http://www.acutemarketreports.com/report/china-power-tool-industry-report-2013-2016) released by Sino Market Insight forecasts that China's output of power tools will reach 260 million sets in 2016.

By virtue of light weight, convenient carrying and use, high production efficiency and low energy consumption, power tools are not only used in many industries widely, but also function as indispensables in family life. With the economic globalization, the power tool market has been booming.
China is the world's largest power tool production base. In 2012, China produced 240 million sets of power tools. By province/municipality, Jiangsu's power tool output was up to 123 million units in 2012, accounting for more than 50% of the country's total output; in the same year, the output of power tools in Zhejiang exceeded 98 million sets, followed by Guangdong and Shanghai.

At present, China is speeding up urbanization and developing the advanced manufacturing industry vigorously, which creates a good market and development opportunity for the power tool industry. China's power tool output will reach 260 million sets by 2016.

The report contains five chapters and 64 charts. It analyzes market size, import and export, regional development, competition patterns and future development trends of China power tool industry; It also introduces financial conditions, capacity distribution, product types as well as the latest development in China of 12 major power tool companies including Ken Tools, Bosun Tools, TTI, Stanley Black & Decker, Bosch, Hilti and Makita.

View Full Report: http://www.acutemarketreports.com/report/china-power-tool-industry-report-2013-2016

1 Macro-economic Environment in China, 2011-2013
1.1 China's GDP
1.2 Industrial Added Value
1.3 Investment in Fixed Assets
1.4 Stable Growth of Consumption
1.5 Import and Export
1.6 Price Level
1.7 Macroeconomic Forecast, 2012-2013E

2 Overview of Power Tool Industry
2.1 Definition and Classification
2.2 Industry Regulation and Laws & Regulations
2.3 Industry Policies

3 Global and China Power Tool Market Size and Forecast
3.1 Global Power Tool Market Size
3.1.1 Market Size
3.1.2 Major Consumption Markets
3.2 Chinese Power Tool Market Size
3.3 Import and Export
3.3.1 Import
3.3.2 Export
3.4 Industry Competition
3.4.1 Market Structure
3.4.2 Professional Power Tools Have a Gross Margin Higher than That of DIY Tools
3.5 Forecast for Chinese Power Tool Market Size, 2013-2016
3.5.1 Forecast
3.5.2 Professional Power Tools Will Keep Growing

4 China Power Tool Industry by Region
4.1 Jiangsu
4.2 Zhejiang
4.3 Shanghai
4.4 Guangdong
4.5 Chongqing
4.6 Jiangxi
4.7 Shandong
4.8 Sichuan

View all reports of this category @ http://www.acutemarketreports.com/category/power-market

5 Operation of Power Tool Enterprises in China
5.1 Ken Tools (300126)
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Key Financial Indicators
5.1.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
5.1.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
5.1.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
5.1.6 Sales Models
5.2 Bosun Tools (002282)
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Key Financial Indicators
5.2.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
5.2.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
5.2.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
5.2.6 Main Products
5.2.7 Anti-dumping Investigation
5.3 Great Star Industrial (002444)
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Key Financial Indicators
5.3.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
5.3.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
5.3.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
5.3.6 Main Products
5.3.7 Development in 2012-2013
5.3.8 Sales Region, Models and Customers
5.3.9 Production and Operation Modes
5.4 TTI Group
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Business Review
5.4.3 Main Products and Development in 2012
5.4.4 Layout in China
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Business Review
5.5.3 Layout in China
5.6 Black & Decker
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Business Review
5.6.3 Layout and Development in China
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Business Review
5.7.3 Layout and Development in China
5.8 Makita
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Business Review
5.8.3 Main Products
5.8.4 Layout and Development in China
5.9 Hitachi Koki
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Business Review
5.9.3 Main Products
5.9.4 Layout in China
5.10 Jiangsu Dongcheng
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Main Products
5.11 Jiangsu Guoqiang
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 Main Products
5.12 Boda Industrial
5.12.1 Profile
5.12.2 Main Products

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What Is The Expected Time For A Moving Company To Finish Moving My Furniture?

The length of time you can expect it to take for a moving company to finish moving your furniture depends on a lot of factors. For example, the more furniture you have and the further you are moving, the longer you can expect the move itself to take. Typically, assuming the homeowners have prepared in advance, movers can pack up and load your furniture in one day or less.

For moving day to go smoothly, you should take care of all of your packing responsibilities. This will enable the movers to come in and take care of their part of your move as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the movers arrive at your home, they will have a much easier time loading your furniture and other items if you have taken care of all of your responsibilities.

If you are just moving across town, it is entirely possible that your movers will be able to completely finish moving your furniture out of your old home and in to your new one on the same day. This is possible only if things go smoothly and you don't have a very large quantity of furniture and other belongings. If you are able to get moved into your new home on the same day you leave the old one, you will save money on your moving expenses and be happy that the stress of your move is behind you.

Of course, if you are moving to another city or state, the distance which your belongings have to be transported will greatly impact the amount of time it takes to move your furniture. Be sure to read your contract with the moving company very closely. It is not unusual for moving companies to delay cross country moves until they have a full load of items to transport, which could result in delayed delivery of your furniture.

Here are some top tips to help you expedite the move and get the moving company in gear for the scheduled date of your move. They are:
- Make sure that everything is completely packed before the moving company arrives to take care of your move.
- Any loose items shouldn't be left lying around inside the house or on top of furniture. They should be placed in moving boxes.
- Make sure that all moving boxes are sealed airtight and labeled properly, either on the sides or on top.
- Any electronics that are to go with you need to be unplugged and packed into boxes.
- Please be certain that any furniture such as dresser drawers and nightstands are empty.
- Work with the moving company and the movers on all fronts and be present during the move itself.

By following these steps to make the whole move an easy transition, being prepared will save you time and money.


Creative Uses of Waterjet Cutting

Do you believe water can slice fragile material like cake or a sophisticated material like thick steel slabs? Have you ever imaged a bone surgery being conducted using water as a cutting tool? A jet of water, when pressurized up to 50,000 PSI becomes a powerful cutting and slicing tool that can be used in a myriad of applications. Waterjet can also be used for perforating a material or drilling holes. And the best part is, it is considered to be more efficient than other heat-based cutting methods such as lasers and plasma cutting.
Waterjet cutting technology uses a high-pressure flow of water or a mixture of water and abrasives to cut a wide variety of materials.

This particular cutting technology has been in use since the 1970s. Back in those days, it was primarily used for cutting wood-fiber tubes. Soon after its invention, water jet technology became a much-preferred cold-cutting process. Soon, it began to replace conventional cutting and machining methods.

Some of the major advantages of waterjet over conventional cutting are:

It is dustless

It does not release toxic gases in the atmosphere

It can be stopped or slowed in between the process without causing damage to the material

It can be operated on any part or point of the material

It is isothermal

Using waterjet in contemporary industry

Today, many industries incorporate water jet cutting technology in their cutting operations. The aerospace industry, which involves many sophisticated operations, uses water jets for shaping, cutting and reaming tight-tolerance yet intricate aerospace components.

In the mining industry too, powerful jets of water are increasingly being used for cutting and drill and cut rocks in hard-rock mines. In addition to hard-rock mines, jets of water are also used in coal mines. They are cost-efficient and effective at the same time.

It is also used for hygienically cutting meat, vegetables, fruits, and other products such as a bread and cake. Since there is no 'mechanical' contact, the possibility of food contamination is reduced. The jet of water is so fine and it cuts so quickly, that the material being cut doesn't get damp or wet.

With the increasing popularity of waterjet cutting, a number of worldwide institutions and establishments are conducting higher research in the science of cutting with water jets. Thus, this process is bound to become more efficient and useful in the years to come. With the advancement of waterjet as a cutting method, it could soon prove to be a much better alternative to traditionally used cutting methods, especially since it is a non-polluting method.

There are several reputable firms that offer highly competitive prices on cutting services that make use of water jets. These firms can work with a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, phenolics, brass, plastics, marble, cork, titanium, granite, concrete, and so on.


Common Diabetes Markers In Biotech

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health epidemics in the United States today. There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is a genetic condition that cannot be prevented, but Type 2 Diabetes is most often linked to obesity and poor eating habits and can be prevented. There are three common diabetes markers. These markers are termed polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia.


Polyuria is the medical term for increased urination. When a person contracts diabetes they tend to urinated far more frequently than before the diabetes was present in the body.


Polydipsia is the medical term for increased thirst. Diabetes causes the body to become more thirsty. This can be attributed to endocrine imbalances in the body.


Polyphagia is the medical term for increased hunger. Increased hunger is one of the most common signs of Type 2 Diabetes. As the sugar or glucose levels plummet, the body experiences increased hunger. This characteristic is attributed to the bodies need to regulate the glucose levels and energy levels in the body.

Before these diabetes markers are noticed, a condition known as metabolic disorder often presents in patients with a high risk of contracting diabetes. Metabolic disorder is a combination of symptoms caused by the body's inability to regulate glucose. Until recently, doctors did not recognize metabolic disorder as a precursor to diabetes.

The most common diabetes markers attributed to metabolic disorder are abdominal obesity, raised triglyceride levels, low HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high fasting blood glucose. In many cases, each of these symptoms is treated separately and are thus never connected with the onset of diabetes.

Diagnosing Diabetes

Diabetes is most often diagnosed with a blood test. An Insulin Elisa test kit provides all the needed reagents to test the blood, or plasma, glucose levels in humans. The kit is utilized by physicians to test the glucose levels in the blood. If the fasting glucose levels are above the normal range, diabetes is diagnosed and the patient is placed on a medical regime of diet and exercise to regulate the blood glucose in the body.

Most forms of Type 2 Diabetes are treatable without medications. Due to the fact that Type 2 Diabetes is caused by poor eating habits and obesity in the majority of cases, changing these aspects of life can eliminate the need for treatment all together.

In recent years, gastric bypass has been used to reduce the weight of the patient suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Treating with gastric bypass is a quick and effective way to treat both the metabolic syndrome health problems and the unmanageable glucose levels. After gastric bypass, nearly all patients will never have to worry about diabetes again.

It is essential to follow the doctors recommendations and treatments when suffering from diabetes. Untreated, diabetes can lead to blindness, loss of limbs and death. The Insulin Elisa kit helps to determine if the patient has moved from metabolic syndrome to diabetes and guides the doctor in regards to the best possible treatment strategy for the condition.


What is Janitorial Software Good For?

Janitorial software is a cleaning and maintenance program that has been designed specifically to help businesses compete more vigorously and be able to address any arising opportunities that will enable them to enhance their profits.

As part of janitorial services in a company, one needs to manage the business well; improving their operations and enhancing profitability. This can range from managing the orders of the customers, scheduling their services for them as well as keeping a track on their payments and invoices among other operations. It is easy to use but powerful and is very effective in the managing of the everyday operations of a company. The main aim of this software is to organize the business operations.

Janitorial software is involved in the formation of schedules, accounting, time keeping as well as job estimating and has several important features towards each end. Other than managing the customer orders, it also has several reports that are useful permitting the company to analyze their cash flow, inspect their profits as well as their losses. It also has customizable dictionaries of business categories, which can be tuned to be in line with the needs of a particular company.

Categories such as customer, vendor, order, expense, service and many others are available in this software and can also be adjusted or edited to suit the needs of the company. The benefits of this software include an improvement in the motivation and performance of the employees, which enables the company to make more money, get other businesses and be able to build stronger relationships with customers.

However, the software alone is not the answer to improved performance as how the company utilizes it is also key.

Janitorial software also works hand in hand with CMMS which stands for computerized maintenance management system and helps business owners to manage the quality of their work, manage customer expectations, bill all the completed work and save money on work management.

It also helps one to automatically manage facility maintenance work and document it without any complications; dealing with preventive maintenance, management of employees, management of inventories, service requests such as automatically dispatching workers, recording the time of response as well as the duration of data.

It also involves quality inspections, which include live updates that show the overall performance or performance by site, building, equipment type or the employee. This may include trend analysis as well as graphic displays. This makes the job quite simple to manage and the employees much more productive.

It is important to maintain records of company activities to cover its assets. This involves much paperwork, which may consume time and hamper the company's productivity.

One of the best features of CMMS software is how it so significantly reduces the paperwork of the company, making it virtually paperless and providing an easy but powerful means of managing the business facilities. However, it can be also be said that it is not so much the features of the CMMS that impact on the success of the business but rather, how well this software is utilized.


Review of Health and Wellness

Why are we writing this Health and Wellness Industry Review? What's the big deal about Health and Wellness? The answer lies in the convergence of two trends. The first trend was sparked by the fact that the Baby Boomers are living longer than previous generations ever have in the past. They're looking at ways to keep themselves healthy, active and vital so that they can enjoy life into their later years. They're focusing on being well - or "Wellness" instead of waiting to get sick and just reacting to it with medications.

The second trend, is also at least partly the result of baby boomers and the longer life span of the population in general. What options are available to people now to ensure that they have the money to enjoy their retirement - sometimes for the next 20, 30 or 40 years? Now that the old financial system has broken down, everyone needs to be looking at how they're going to provide a passive, residual income stream for their future.

Thus, we get the birth of an industry - Health and Wellness.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, lots of people are thinking about launching a home based business.
With the economy the way it is, and unemployment rates growing, it's no wonder some are turning to a home business as a way to make a living.

But how do you decide what to do? So many choices out there, so many "business opportunities" screaming "I am the best opportunity-make lots of money...fast...easy...overnight..." and on and on it goes.

Hopefully you've gone through our other articles to help you and guide you down the path that's right for you.

When you're trying to decide what type of home business you want to set up, of course it's a good idea to take a look at which industries are popular - and will continue to grow.

We're going to focus on an industry that has absolutely exploded - and is anticipated to continue to grow for years to come - the Health and Wellness Industry. People who have become involved in this industry are finding it extremely lucrative and are poised to do quite well financially in the future.

The Health and Wellness Industry is concerned with prevention of illness and disease.
This is different from Health industry which includes doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. This industry focuses on treating the symptoms of illness, and not on prevention of sickness, and or helping people feel healthier.

The Health and Wellness Industry is expected to be a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2010. This industry includes nutritional supplements, juices, health/fitness clubs, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, and holistic health care. So what are the forces making the Health and Wellness industry so hot?

The economic downturn has affected peoples' ability to spend money on insurance, doctor visits, and hospital stays. People are focusing on prevention of sickness and disease: According to cNMI (Natural Marketing Institute) President Maryellen Molyneaux:

"NMI research clearly shows that the current economic downturn is changing consumer behavior on many levels, including spending related to health and wellness. So while sales in each category continue to grow, consumers are becoming more discerning and are looking for real value in their purchases and not just the perceived value. This shift in behavior will impact manufacturers and retailers not just short-term but also in the future. With the economic future unclear, NMI projects that the health and wellness industry as a whole will remain relatively stable over the next five years at approximately 7% growth each year."

More and more people are searching for ways to prevent illness and improve the quality of their life through better health. Many people feel that the nature of western medicine is treating symptoms, rather than preventing disease. They also feel that what traditional medicine does best is treating emergencies, not not keeping people from getting sick in the first place.

Many Doctors and scientists have dedicated their lives to finding natural "cures" for common "dis-eases" and have embraced a natural approach to treating peoples' conditions.

Pharmaceutical concerns: There is growing mistrust in the general population towards the pharmaceutical industry. Side effects of medications are often serious, and sometimes even lethal.

Lawsuits and product recalls are making people leery of just taking a pill in hopes of getting better. The majority of prescriptions are merely to treat symptoms of sickness, not in curing or preventing disease.

This is creating lifetime customers. Pharmaceuticals are being designed to be taken for life - and people are becoming aware of the dangers of this to their health.

People are living longer. And they want to be healthy doing it. Life spans keeps getting longer, and people are willing to invest in their health more now than ever before. They are seeking ways to feeling good, staying well, and having health and vitality - and are turning to the Health and Wellness Industry for the answers.


Industrial Lighting-Improve Performance and Safety for Better Efficiency

Industrial buildings, like all workplaces, require well-planned lighting systems to support various activities. Better lighting is a valuable tool for brightening industrial prospects. Appropriate quantity of light is essential, but quality issues are just as important in providing a comfortable and safe working atmosphere. When the Industrial Lighting meets both quantity and quality needs, it adds measurably to worker performance and productivity. To be a leader in today's competitive environment, industrial leaders need to focus on the importance of performance, safety and energy efficiency to address the critical issues of their productivity. Lighting can support these three key factors and help you transform your facility in meaningful and innovative ways.

Performance : As operations directors and manufacturing executives seek higher levels of output and quality often in the face of shrinking resources they demand better performance from every link in the supply chain. Lighting can play a key role. Better work environments can elevate worker motivation and increase their productivity. An effective, well-illuminated environment can positively impact employee performance and support operational objectives. Visual appeal is one way that lighting improves workplace effectiveness. Comfortable, welcoming workplaces motivate workers to be more effective for longer periods of time. Enabling employees to operate at their best is critical to achieving a high performance manufacturing environment .Lighting not only makes spaces desirable by enhancing the visual environment, but also by making a space more flexible. A more flexible space can lead to more efficient workers.

Safety : Industrial managers are focused on safety first; workplace safety is an essential factor in industries. Production facility must make the most of its skilled employees and keep them safe, productive and loyal. Workers need good ambient and task lighting to perform at their best and can benefit from light that renders colors accurately, increases comfort, and controls glare. Comfortable, bright facilities promote alertness and motivation that can help keep workers in the right frame of mind, and present a welcoming space to greet the customer .Satisfying worker's physical needs through a uniform, balanced visual environment can pay off in increased productivity. A properly illuminated environment can help reduce production errors, accidents and adaptable lighting systems ensure the right light is available for specific tasks. Other benefits of well designed industrial lighting include reduced eye fatigue and headaches, which keep workers alert on the job.

Lighting that fulfills the following criteria:
* Sufficient light at the visual task,
* Good uniformity of the lighting over the whole task area,
* Balanced luminous distribution throughout the room,
* A lighting installation without glare,
* Good color rendering and appropriate light color,
* Lighting without flicker,
Will increase worker's feelings of well-being and improve their motivation.

Energy Efficiency: Energy is a large component of manufacturing costs, so leading manufacturers look to high-efficiency lighting .In today's economy and increased competition manufacturing executives and plant managers need to do everything they can to save money on energy and maintenance. Even small gains in efficiency can lead to significant savings. Going green doesn't have to cost more. A lighting upgrade is an investment not only in reducing electricity consumption but also in improving the performance of the building and its occupants. You can save money by refitting older lighting systems with new, high-performance long-life lamps and electronic ballasts. Or replace high-wattage lamps with today's lower wattage, Energy Efficient Lighting.

Industrial lighting covers a wide range of different working interiors and tasks: from small workshops to huge factory halls, and from fine precision work to heavy industrial tasks. The lighting quality should always be high enough to guarantee sufficient visual performance for the tasks concerned. With Lighting Solutions that fit the tasks at hand, the quality of output can improve so that production errors and accidents may drop. Properly illuminated spaces are likely to improve performance which can lead to increased productivity. So choose the right lighting solutions that can help achieve the desired mix of performance, safety and energy efficiency.

About Estelles Lighting : Estelles Lighting, Inc. is acknowledged in the market for our professional approach in the supply of Light fixtures. We supply all kind of lamps, ballasts, tubes, and nearly all types of associated accessories. For more information visit http://www.estelleslighting.com


Investing in an Auto Welding Helmet

Welding can be a dangerous task. In order to protect the eyes from serious injury, investing in a good welding helmet is a must.

If a person is familiar with or has experience in welding, they know just how important it is to have the proper safety equipment before starting any job. However, with a variety of options on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which auto welding helmet is actually the best for them. There are a few things to consider when purchasing an auto welding helmet.

The first thing for a person to consider is whether or not they like an auto-darkening lens or a standard glass lens. While the standard glass lens is more common and less expensive than an auto-darkening lens, the auto-darkening lens is a more modern and technologically advanced approach that overcomes a variety of disadvantages that come with the less expensive standard lens. The use of LCD technology allows for more clarity through automatic filters making it easier for the welder to see the details of the torch and the welded materials.

A person is likely to also encounter the options of a fixed or variable shade. While they may only need one fixed shade lens because they are welding one material to the same material, a variable shade can come in handy if they intend on ever welding different materials together.

Lens reaction time or switching speed are also important factors when choosing the right welding helmet. The number that indicates the switching speed is in reference to how quickly a lens will take to switch between natural light and a darkened shade when welding actually begins. The quicker this is the better. If it is too slow, the eyes will potentially experience discomfort. Faster speeds often come at more expensive prices but if a person spends most of their time behind auto helmets the added comfort can easily be worth the added expense.

The auto welding helmet that provides adjustable sensitivity and delay control features can provide added comfort and convenience. Though these features are often absent on lower grade helmets, the more expensive semi-professional and professional helmets allow for the welder to adjust the amount of brightness needed for the lens to darken as well as the option of how long the lens will stay dark after welding has ended.

When a person tries on a welding helmet they are likely to notice the weight of the helmet. Even a one pound difference can make a big difference when wearing an auto welding helmet over a long period of time. It is almost always best to go for a lighter helmet to prevent strain and fatigue while welding.

When purchasing a welding helmet, a person should be sure to check that it meets the national safety standards. Just because it is on the market does not mean that it adheres to the current safety standards for welding helmets. They should do a little research online and make sure they are getting the most comfortable and the safest auto welding helmet available.


Jobs in the Medical Industry Today

The medical industry is expected to generate more new jobs over the next decade than any other industry. It is predicted to increase spending on manufacturing in the next few years. The medical industry is first and foremost an industry, which exists to make money. The health and well being of its patients is one of the primary concerns of this industry, as well as making money.

The medical industry is growing rapidly, and now is your best chance to grow with it. It is currently undergoing a technical revolution. The medical industry is still behind the curve, with most doctors` offices and hospitals still relying on paper instead of electronics, for patient records. The demand for remote access to diagnostic information has exposed the inadequacy of traditional media such as film, magneto optical (MO) disk, and tape which hinders duplication and transport.

The medical industry is building upon the knowledge, resources, and technologies emanating from the efforts to further understand the genetic contributions to human health. As a result of this expansion of genomics into human health applications, the field of genomic medicine was born. The medical industry is a business, and they realize the profit potential of such "fountains of youth," and will charge dearly for them.

The medical industry is a primary growth sector for most of the world. We play an increasingly important role in supplying precision machined components used in medical monitoring systems. The medical industry is booming in China, which boasts the 7th biggest medical market in the world with more than 6000 pharmaceutical companies and enterprises. All this presents enormous opportunities for cooperation between China and the Western world in the medical field. The medical industry can be a tough one that includes long hours, tough shifts, and emotional drainage. However tough it may be, there is no excuse for medical professionals to slack though, because they have the lives of their patients in their hands.

The medical industry is large, bureaucratic, and sometimes entrenched in the way it operates. It does not see a lot of financial incentive to move to new technology, despite the well documented benefits it offers. The medical industry is projected to have the strongest employment growth of any industry within the next decade, so seeking a medical job is certainly a wise decision. Continued advances in technology, as well as a growing and aging population, will spur this growth and create opportunities for well trained individuals.


What Can a Chef Earn?

Chef's wages vary considerably. Wolfgang Puck's 12 restaurants brought in $12.2 million last year, The Food Channel's Emeril Lagasse made $7 million, and the 'enfant terrible of French cooking' Jean-Georges Vongerichten went home with $3 million.

And then there's the "real" world: The median hourly earnings of chefs two years ago was $13.43, with the lowest 10 percent making less than $7.66 an hour, and the top 10 percent plucking down a healthy $25.86 hourly wage.

So there you go: Unless you're one of the blessed food wonders of the world with plenty of backing from top sponsors you're most likely going to fall in the latter group of those head chefs making anywhere from the unacceptably low, "you gotta be kidding" pay scale to the, "yeah, I can get by on that" wage.

A lot depends on what part of the country you're working. Executive chefs in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston are going to make significantly more than those in Mobile, Alabama or Mesa, Arizona. Population aside, it's the deep pockets of the customers in those former locales that make the difference.

Another big factor is what type of establishment you work in. Highbrow, four-star-rated restaurants are going to earn you a much fatter paycheck (and, in turn, demand your best performance!) than Granny's Supper Shack that opens only when Granny's not down with a hangover or the Pizza Palace whose main attraction is its "certified chef" that can twirl a round of dough over his head.

At some places, the relatively low wages may be offset by the employer paying for the uniforms (yes! The tall white cap and white jacket!) and free or reduced-priced meals. But this is strictly arbitrary; Federal law allows meals and uniforms to be deducted from wages if the employer so chooses something to definitely take into consideration when you're interviewing.

And benefits (health insurance, sick days, etc.) are only for full-time employees, so part-timers need to figure out another way of meeting medical bills and avoid getting sick.

Unions for chefs do exist. These unions include membership not only of chefs, but all kitchen workers, down to the dishwashers and busboys. The largest are the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). HERE recently merged with the Union of Needletrades, Textiles and Industrial Employees (UNITE) to form UNITE HERE, and represents 440,000 active members and more than 400,000 retirees throughout North America.

The SEIU represents 1.7 million working people and 120,000 retirees. So when you are considering employment, you might want to learn whether or not the establishment you're looking at is a member of one of these powerful unions.

Now you know what a real, red-blooded American chef earns. If the beginning wages don't scare you off, you may truly be one of the Chosen Few destined to "chef" your way through life.

One thing to remember is that although starting salaries look meager, a reputable chef with some solid experience say six or seven years under his or her belt, can make around $120,000 per year on average. So knuckle down, take your licks, and get going you're a chef, right? Go get cooking!


A Brief History of the Second World War

During the 1920s the American economy increased in strength and the European economy remained stable up until the crash of 1929. In what has become known as The Great Depression many people suddenly found their savings worthless, leading to a disillusionment with capitalism and a rise to prominence of fascism. In 1933 Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany at the head of his Nazi party.

Hitler began to rearm Germany, and remilitarised the Rhineland in 1936, breaking the Treaty of Versailles. With Hitler's anti-semetic policies and aggressive re-armament of Germany war was inevitable. On 1st September 1939 Germany invaded Poland and Britain and France both declared war on Germany and its allies.

The Second World War would prove to be even more lethal and long-lived than the first war. A global conflict in every sense of the word the war would see an unprecedented number of casualties and would change the world forever.

The Germans took Poland while its government fled to London, and then in May 1940 Germany invaded Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Germany was extremely successful in its early expansions and soon also took Denmark and Norway. Within four weeks of their assault Germany had taken France and on 14th of June 1940 Paris was occupied. Soon after Hitler would launch an offensive against Britain, attempting to gain air superiority in order to clear way for an aquatic invasion from France. In what has become known as the Battle of Britain the RAF successfully repelled the German attacks and claimed aerial superiority over England, ending German hopes of invading.

Turning his attention away from Britain, Hitler looked to invade the communist Soviet Union. After a delay in Yugoslavia and Greece after the Italian's defeat Germany assaulted the Soviet Union with the largest army ever known to man. Over three million Germans took part in the invasion, laying siege to Leningrad and getting to within 15 miles of Moscow. The Germans would have to stop for the Russian Winter however, and by Spring 1942 an entire division were trapped in Stalingrad, eventually leading to their surrender. Hitler had seen what should have been a sure victory turn into a defeat. Russian casualties were astronomical, they lost around 27 million people, about half of the total casualties in the war.

As Germany were getting frozen out of the Soviet Union Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, which drew the United States into the war. The Americans, allied with the British and the Soviets would continue to push the German forces back.

On 6th June 1944 the Allies launched an attack onto the beaches of Normandy. The German thought that the Allies would attack Calais and were unprepared for an invasion on the beaches. At a great cost of human life the beach invasion was successful and the Allies were able to push into France. By 1945 the German army was pushed back by the Soviets from the East and the Americans and British from the West. Once the Soviets reached Berlin Hitler committed suicide and seven days later the Germans surrendered, ending the war in Europe. The USA would end the war with the use of nuclear weapons against Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

After the war the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the two dominant super-powers, with much of Europe in ruin after the bombing of the war. Many top-ranking German officers were convicted of war crimes, including those committed in the holocaust. During the war the Germans placed millions of Jews and other minorities in concentration camps, starving and eventually murdering them in one of the worst events in human history.

After the use of nuclear weapons by the USA at the end of the war America and the Soviet Union would enter the Cold War, a period of deep mistrust, propaganda, espionage and an arms race in which both countries would be on the brink of war but where fighting never actually broke out. It is thought that the only reason that stopped a war from happening is that a nuclear war would lead to mutually assured destruction and so it was in each country's best interests not to launch missiles. The Cold War would last right up until 1991. After the failure of the League of Nations in preventing World War 2, the United Nations was formed in 1945. The organisation still continues today with nearly every country a participating member.

The next decades are characterised by a growth of technology and industry and the increased Americanisation of the West.


The Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a New York Times best-selling book on financial knowledge by Robert Kiyosaki. Originally self-published in 1997, this book only caught the attention of a major publisher after the author has promoted it in seminar circuits. This Rich Dad Poor Dad review is a brief look at the ideas presented in the book such as financial know-how and the ability to free one's self from running the unending rat race and working hard for money. The book gained much popularity since its release in 2001 and has been used and endorsed by financial experts and advisers. This Rich Dad Poor Dad review is spurred from this fact and the phenomenal wave of financial power it brought about that swept many countries and inspired many people. The book's writing is simple and free from financial jargons. It is suitable reading for people from different backgrounds.

The book is largely based on Robert Kiyosaki's life growing up in Hawaii. It started out with Kiyosaki narrating his experience as a young boy with "two dads", both very influential to him. One is his biological dad which he refers to as his "poor dad" and the other is his bestfriend's dad, his "rich dad". His "poor dad" was highly educated but grappled for money all his life and died leaving behind debts to be paid while his "rich dad" never finished eighth grade but became one of the richest people in Hawaii. Both had opposing views on money and success which created confusion in Kiyosaki as a young boy since both dads at the time we're both still starting out financially. But this made him curious and intrigued at the same time. This eventually taught him to choose for himself which views made more sense and which would work best for him.

Throughout the book, Kiyosaki compares his two dads- their financial views and principles. His poor dad was less dynamic and did not have a strong business sense. He believed in getting a good education and then a good job. His rich dad believed in empowering one's self through financial literacy to be able to have more money and avoid the vicious cycle of waking up, going to work and paying bills. The following are the insights introduced by the rich dad and which have been instilled in Kiyosaki's young mind from then on:

Financial skill is not taught in school but is learned at home and if parents are not financially literate, that is what is passed on to the children.Financial education is power.Exercising the mind and sharpening its knowledge on making money.Maintaining a mindset of a rich man notwithstanding financial setbacks.Not working for money but to work in order to learn and make money work to one's advantage.Confront the fear of money by thinking and not reacting emotionally.Accounting, made simple, is an important subject to learn in order to get rich.Importance of knowing the difference between assets (which one should acquire and have more of) and liabilitiesThis Rich Dad Poor Dad review has summed up the learnings that Kiyosaki has chronicled in his book and contends that Rich Dad Poor Dad is a useful manual for people struggling to understand how money works and how it can work to their advantage and ultimately, acquire money to live a financially successful life.


Global Warming Prevention - Kyoto Protocol Update

Global Warming Prevention

Global warming is something that we all have to take part in learning how to prevent, not only in the USA but throughout the entire world. We all play a part in contributing to global warming and the only way to help prevent the devastating affects is to work together. Each of the governments throughout the world are striving to develop a prevention plan that can help reduce the amount of emissions they are creating in the atmosphere and enhance what they are doing to contribute to the solution instead of the problem.

A U.S Climate Policy has been created to help citizens of the USA understand global warming and that there are actions which can be taken in order to make a difference. This policy consists of 3 different parts:

* Slowing the growth of emissions
* Strengthening the development of science and research studies
* Enhancing international cooperation

If we can take these policies and principles and put them into action we can begin to see results. This policy is only the beginning of what the government can and should be doing but it is a great start. The politicians within our government are working hard to stick to this policy and evaluate the industrial areas of our country to make sure they meet the requirements of the U.S Climate Policy.

Since the future generations are depending on us to make the choices to rectify this devastating situation, every little effort counts. Our individual efforts are especially significant in countries like the US and Canada, where individuals release 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per person every year. The largest source of greenhouse gases is electric power generation. The average home actually contributes more to global warming than the average car. This is because much of the energy we use in our homes comes from power plants which burn fossil fuel to power our electric products.

The United States has agreed in principle to work with more than 180 other nations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to bring about the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous interference with the climate system. California, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington have all enacted laws or established policies setting global warming pollution reduction targets, while states in both the Northeast and West have signed agreements to achieve regional targets. Now the U.S. Congress is considering several bills that propose a variety of global warming emissions reduction targets.

The cost of the Kyoto Protocol is estimated to cost each of the developed countries involved billions of dollars. This is a financial responsibility each government should be willing to take in order to do what they can for the environment. Just when you go to the grocery store and find that organic foods are much more expensive than the regular foods; governments are finding that the cost to reduce greenhouse gases is far more than increasing them.

This one of the major problems our world as been having; it is far easier to create these gases than it is to reduce them and this is exactly what we have been doing for centuries. It is reassuring to see that the governments throughout the world are taking action but it is not nearly enough in order to stop the effects of global warming before they become devastating. Environmentalists and scientists are constantly working with government officials in order to come up with new, cost effective bills and legalities to reduce what they can of greenhouse gases.


Monetary Finances between the Poor and also the Rich

Money, money, money...

This is actually the cause of all that is material however the reason why man struggles so difficult. The value of money is so unstoppable now. It's so important though people always try to claim that it is not that so much important. The fact is so clear that money matters... a lot.

Around the world, money determines the status of a country in the international scene. The rich ones are of course- powerful. Those which are poor are usually the topic of oppression and discrimination. Even inside a country, there is a big deal between rich families and the masses. Sad to say, the gap is really big. We could claim that equality exists but there are so many obvious reasons telling us that it does not. How come many remain on the street begging for alms when many just spend to waste their savings?

Money is the cause of imbalance. The earth has in it a promise of equality but it seems strange. Third world countries have trying times to finance all their affairs especially education and health aspects are neglected. For other rich countries, people live with comfort and the value of their bit of coin is as much as the value of the third world's 12 hours.

This uneven distribution of wealth and finances greatly affect all. Some countries could finance big and expensive events for a night. It may include welcoming a lot of guests and showing off the riches of the place. For the poorest, their government could barely prioritize their basic needs over military equipment. Statistically, there are an overwhelming number of hungry people especially children. This is not overwhelming but a kick on our hearts.

Countries are creating a community of amity. They share what they have while others seek the help they needed. Why some countries' finance not suffices their people's mere existence? This is the saddest question to answer. Why? It is because the answer is still unknown.

However, poor countries do not seem to find means to escape the pity of big countries. They simply live with donations. Low financial capacity is usually coupled with blaming the society for all the misfortune. The point we want to stress out is, let us not let personal inadequacies to vanish into thin air. Does a poor country shoot for its personal wealth? Let us say not necessarily finances.

There is a lot of wealth around us. They are available in beautiful forms but we just think money conquers all.


Revolution in Ukraine

Revolution in Ukraine
The events which are developed in Ukraine, of course, can't but please honest Marxists (I repent of having delayed writing about this so long).
However, we see that the position of Russian communists (at least official communists) on these events is openly treacherous, openly holding with Russian imperialism and its neocolonial puppet Yanukovich. Although it would be naive to expect another reaction from them, but it is outrageous how openly them hold with Kremlin.
For example, the "left" site Rabkor.ru portrays Ukrainian protesters as "fascists" and calls for collaboration with "Berkut" [Ukrainian special police forces] in the struggle against protesters. To support Ukrainian protesters, Rabkor's scribblers say, is as good as to support radical Islamists. We see that for Rabkor.ru, which is as far from proletariat as the sky far from the earth, internationalist position of alliance with radical Islamists is something extraordinary, which can be used as scarecrow, but at the same time the collaboration with "Berkut" is normal thing.
Here it is necessary to mention the demolition of Lenin's monument by Ukrainian protesters. Russian mass media bawl with one accord: "Vandals!", although the same mass media called Lenin as "German spy", "pederast" - what abusive labels have them not pinned on them!
I remind reader that Lenin, as the founder of Islam Mohammed, was ardent enemy of idolatry. "We want people to read us, not to worship us" - he said. But Stalin and Russian imperialism make the idol from Lenin, turning Leninism into religion. This monument was built under Stalin and in fact is the symbol of domination of Russian imperialism over Ukrainian people, not the symbol of Leninism (Lenin, such ardent enemy of god-building, himself would break such monuments with hammer).
As I know, there were Lenin's words on that monument: "Only in alliance with Russian proletariat independent Ukraine is possible". The words which were true in the old days (notice, that Lenin said "in alliance with Russian proletariat", not "in alliance with Russian state"), later, at the time when Stalinists built that monument, became false. Indeed, Russia was transformed from proletarian state to bourgeois one, Russian proletariat was transformed to labor aristocracy in general, and the centre of world revolution shifted from Russia to East, today - to Muslim countries. So, those words as applied to the present period should be the following: "Only in alliance with Muslim proletariat (i.e. with radical Islamists) independent Ukraine is possible".
Indeed, owing to its relative fewness (45 millions people is much but not very much in comparison with Russia or Germany, even more so in comparison with USA, China, India etc.), Ukraine naturally will be the prey for imperialist predators - first of all for Russia and Europe, until world imperialist system as a whole broken. And for this breaking fraternal alliance with oppressed Muslim peoples, which are about 1.5 billions, is necessary. And, by the way, the phrases of Russian mass media that protesters aim at entering into European Union are the lie: no, they rather not aim at entering into European Union, but oppose the regime of Kremlin's puppet Yanukovich, and his refusal (by evident order of Kremlin) to sign a treaty with European Union, which he promised to sign at first, was only "casus belli", only "the last straw", which exhausted patience of Ukrainian people. Even bourgeois analysts if they not bought by Kremlin totally, acknowledge this fact. And between the leaders of opposition, who advocate the entering into European Union, on the one hand, and the masses of protesters, on the other hand, there is serious gap - the fact which is acknowledged even by lying Russian mass media. For example, the masses almost tore to tatters Klichko for his appeals to refuse revolutionary violence. The masses went farther than liberal, "European-like civilized" leaders, who are inclined to compromises with authorities.
As we see, our forecast, which we predicted three years ago (see my article "Revolution in the Middle East"), begin to be realized: the spark which was stricken by Tunisian and Egyptian proletariat develops into the flame, changing the world for the better bit by bit (not so quickly as we want: unfortunately, it is impossible for us to quicken the action of objective laws of history. We shall go on working, without unnecessary hurry). What takes place in Ukraine today is the beginning of revolution in Russia (even if revolution in Russia will occur after long time), because Russian imperialism holds its domination over its "own", Russian, proletariat thanks to colonial oppression. And official communists show themselves to be on the side of fascist Putin's regime and its puppet Yanukovich in this struggle.

January 21, 2014
A. G.


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